employee Engagement

Your employees are your most valuable asset.


Approximately 20% of American workers leave their jobs voluntarily each year and another 16% are let go involuntarily. The estimated cost to employers for replacing these employees ranges from tens of thousands of dollars per employee to 1-2x the employee's annual salary.

What if you had a tool at your fingertips that would allow you to identify these turnover events before they occurred? What if you could identify outstanding managers and employees and replicate their best practices throughout your organization to improve overall employee satisfaction?

Six Sents uses the data within your organization's enterprise platforms to give you visibility into the health of your company. 

Data that was previously locked in disparate systems is compiled into an event based data stream architecture, providing valuable real-time insight into your organization.

Six Sents works with your team to map your systems, identify critical data sources, and build organizational key performance indicators. The outcome is more visibility, more insight, and the ability to invest in your most valuable asset-- your people.

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