Our Vision

Leverage data to predict organizational outcomes.


Every organization has an infinite amount of data locked up in various platforms-- email, chat, customer relationship management systems, ERP, accounts receivable systems... the list goes on and on.

Within these disparate data platforms lie the answers to an organization's most pressing questions. Are my employees satisfied? Does my client see value in our products and services? Are my physicians headed for a burnout event that will impact patient care? How do I identify high performers and leverage their best practices to maximize value for the organization? 

Six Sents helps you unlock your existing data to provide answers to these questions. Losing and replacing employees, clients, and physicians is a costly endeavor for any organization. Leveraging the data already available in your systems allows your team to identify negative outcomes before they happen.

Join us in changing the way organizations think about employee turnover, client churn, and physician burnout. Stop surveying and start identifying the real trends that are impacting your organization. 

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Anthony Bird
Chief Executive Officer

Photo by Drazen_/iStock / Getty Images