A.I. Driven Intervention Management Platform

Predictive Intelligence

For your workforce & customers


Measuring Internal and External (b2b - Services)

engagement, burnout, & Turnover 


Your people are your greatest asset.

Six Sents is here to help you maximize the value of your greatest asset-- your people. We take data already collected within your organization, and apply patented machine learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) models to measure internal and external (B2B- Services) customer engagement, satisfaction and burnout.


Employee Engagement

In today's workplace employees face rising demands on their time and talent. Six Sents can help you recognize all-stars, implement best practices for positive outcomes, and identify turnover risk before it happens.

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Client Satisfaction

Clients face seemingly endless choices for service providers in today's marketplace. Six Sents helps you identify and monitor the key factors that impact an existing client's satisfaction with your products and services so you can retain your top notch client base.

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Physician & Clinician Burnout

Physicians and healthcare practitioners are on the frontline of adapting to new care models and changing technology, leading to an unprecedented rise in physician burnout. Six Sents helps you identify the early signs of physician burnout and provides you with resources to mitigate the stresses of the job so your physicians can focus on providing quality care.

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Clinical Research

Clinical research requires sifting through an enormous amount of data to find patterns, correlations, and outcomes. Six Sents is here to help you make sense of big data and advance your mission of changing the world through research.

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Physician burnout study

Dedicated to positive outcomes.

Physician burnout is a critical issue that can impact the quality of care your patients receive, but too often healthcare administrators lack insight into the burdens their physicians face.

Six Sents is launching the largest Physician Burnout Study ever conducted with the mission of identifying the early warning signs that lead to physician burnout.

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