physician & Clinician burnout

Your physicians and clinicians take on the burden of care for so many others.

Now you can help care for them.


Every day your physicians and clincians are faced with many challenges. Diagnosing patients with serious conditions, new technology requirements, changing standards of care, and personal life situations can all take their toll on the physical and mental well-being of the people who are tasked with caring for others.

Physician and clinician burnout is one of the most significant and underreported issues facing the modern healthcare system. Health systems rely on surveys that are fraught with issues-- low response rates, self-filtered answers, delayed reporting on results, and non-actionable insights.

What if your organization was able to access real-time insight into the well-being of the physicians tasked with caring for others? Six Sents takes your disparate enterprise data sources and combines them into one event based data stream. Aggregating disconnected data sources unlocks the information to give you visibility into the well-being of your physicians. 

Using the behavioral data stream, Six Sents is able to help your organization identify the root causes of physician and clinician burnout as well as predict outcomes before they happen. Join us in changing the way healthcare organizations manage the well-being of their physicians and clinicians. 

Photo by Squaredpixels/iStock / Getty Images