organizeD Intervention Management

Six Sents offers the only Intervention Management Platform (IMP) designed for use within large enterprise organizations. Using ambient organizational data and AI to measure workforce outcomes, leveraging decades of experience from domain experts, Six Sents' IMP allows organizations to manage the effects and ROI of every intervention against workforce outcomes in real-time.


Measure the effectiveness of each and every intervention within your organization in real-time leveraging Six Sents' patented AI algorithms.


Perform company-wide interventions or select a specific target group to receive the intervention.


Simulate the effects of an intervention within your organization before performing it, to forecast its potential costs and benefits.

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predict physician burnout

What if your organization was able to access real-time insight into the well-being of the physicians tasked with caring for others? Six Sents' state-of-the-art machine learning tools can aggregate your separate data sources,  unlocking the information regarding the real-time well-being of your physicians.

Using the data stream, Six Sents is able to help your organization identify the root causes of physician and clinician burnout, as well as predict outcomes before they happen. 

Measure Employee Engagement

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Your employees are your most valuable asset.  Approximately 20% of American workers leave their jobs voluntarily each year.  The estimated cost to employers for replacing these employees can be tens of thousands of dollars per employee.

What if you had a tool at your fingertips that would allow you to identify these turnover events before they occurred?  

Six Sents uses the data within your organization's enterprise platforms to give you visibility into the health of your company. 

We work with your team to map your systems, identify critical data sources, and build organizational key performance indicators. The outcome is more visibility, more insight, and the ability to invest in your most valuable asset: your people.

Increase Client Satisfaction

What if there was a way to get quantifiable information about how your clients are feeling and thinking at any given moment?   

Your clients interact with a variety of departments and across a myriad of disparate data systems within your company, each impacting their overall experience. Keeping track of every touch point and every experience every day is nearly impossible for most companies.

Six Sents is here to help your organization unlock the power of the data found in your existing enterprise solutions (CRM, Email, Contracting, Support, etc.) and enable clear visibility into outcomes like satisfaction, churn or upsell opportunity, providing your management team with predictive intelligence to avoid unwanted client events.

Now you have visibility into the events that matter and can proactively monitor the heartbeat of your organization-- your clients. 

 integrate Clinical Research 

Modern medicine has come leaps and bounds in just the last decade, but there is still far to go. Your organization is dedicated to finding new solutions and new therapies for old conditions, but sifting through all of the data can be a burdensome task.

What if you could take all of the data generated from your clinical study and make sense of it with the click of a button

Six Sents has the AI tools to help your clinical research team sort through the data, find the patterns and correlations, and predict outcomes for your studies and trials.

Partner with us to help advance your organization's clinical research trial and give you insight into the meta datacollected as part of your study.