client sAtisfaction

Your clients are the heartbeat of what you do.

Make their satisfaction a daily check-up.

Photo by Ridofranz/iStock / Getty Images

Every day you and your team wake up thinking about how to best serve your clients. Your clients interact with a variety of departments and across a myriad of disparate data systems within your company, each impacting their overall experience. Keeping track of every touch point and every experience every day is nearly impossible for most companies.

What if there was a way to get quantifiable information about how your clients are feeling and thinking at any given moment? What if you could track client specific events and see their impact on client satisfaction in real-time? 

Six Sents is here to help your organization unlock the power of the data found in your existing enterprise solutions (CRM, Email, Contracting, Support, etc.) and enable clear visibility into outcomes like satisfaction, churn or upsell opportunity providing your management team with clear real-time indications and predictive intelligence to avoid unwanted client events.

Now you have visibility into the events that matter and can proactively monitor the heartbeat of your organization-- your clients.